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Access to Angel Flight Mid-Atlanticís proprietary mission/patient information system is strictly limited to authorized members of Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic. All information on our system, in particular, patient information, is confidential and may not be shared or disseminated with any person or party not specifically authorized by Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic under any circumstances.
By continuing, you acknowledge you have read, understand and agree to be bound by the confidentiality agreement above and that you are a member in good standing of AFMA and lastly, that you have been specifically authorized to access this system.

Pilots wishing to accept flights through Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic, Airlift Hope, or Mercy Medical Airlift, shall meet minimum qualifications as outlined in Memorandum dated 15 July 2009. Click here to review memo

  • BENEFITS of REGISTERING on this page?
    1 - When you LOGIN available missions are displayed in ascending round trip distance from your airport.
    2 - You can specify your longest desired round trip mission distance, weight and efficiency. E-mails inform you of qualifying missions.
    3 - You can save upcoming trips. When missions coincide with your trips you will be e-mailed.
    4 - Flying missions that coincide with trips you plan to take uses little or no extra fuel.
    5 - Pilots logged in to this page will be able to click the "Fly it!" button to accept missions directly. " Angel Flight Video Project "

  • Can I use my AFMA username and password to register on this page?
    . .. Yes. This mission page is an official AFMA mission page.

  • Why is Airlift Hope / AFMA requiring login now to see the missions?
    . .. To make our system more secure it has become necessary for the AFMA/Airlift Hope
    . .. home office to approve all users of this website. If you are a current AFMA/Airlift
    . .. Hope pilot you are already approved. New registrants will be approved as they sign
    . .. up. To facilitate this security change all users must sign in. For your convenience,
    . .. you may use the "Save My Password On This Computer" button for automatic log in.
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    To obtain an AFMA member website account, contact Angel Flight at 1-800-296-3797.

  • To view a sample of the Mission Web Page click here.

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